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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Peace do you have?

In light of the Fort Hood terrorist attack I think it appropriate that someone speak some truth in these troubled times. The truth I speak of IS deeply unpopular, in fact I haven't heard anyone say it publicly because you can be killed for saying it. Some of us already know the truth about what I am going to say but many do not or are in denial of it.
First a little background. The truth about the terrorist Mr. Hasan who killed the 13 people in cold blood is that he is a Muslim. The attackers on 911 were also Muslims. The beheadings around the world are done by Muslims. The "pirates" who capture ships, kill and terrorize the crews are not pirates but they are Muslims. Iran's leader, along with other Muslim organizations who have vowed to destroy Israel, are all Muslim. The homicide bombings we hear so often about in Israel and in other countries (coming soon to America) are carried out by Muslims. Mr. Hasan was planning the attack in Texas and wanted to kill Americans. Why you ask? Because he, like the others who do adhere strictly to the commands of the Quran and Muhammad are commanded by his god Allah to do so. If Mr. Hasan is to be a "good" Muslim he must do what he did: kill the infidel (anyone who is not a convert to Islam).
This act was an act of murder and it was orchestrated by none other than Satan himself. Satan uses whatever tactics he can to destroy. The Bible speaks about Satan as a murderer from the beginning... because there is no truth in him. (John 8:44) The god of Islam is not a god of peace as many desperately want us to believe. Ever wonder why so many people in the mainstream continually repeat the falso notion of how peaceful Islam is? Many will go to great lengths to defend the religion of Islam. Meanwhile, people continually murder for "Allah" and Muhammad while Christians get ripped up, blamed, mocked and ridiculed because the hatred for God runs deep.
Only a small number of people know that the closer you adhere to Islam the more violent one becomes and the closer you get to Christ, the more peaceful you will be. This is because Jesus Christ is the only author of true peace. He IS peace. No one can have true peace or be peace filled without faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Jesus said that any who would follow Him would be hated because He was hated first.
Muhammad isn't going to provide peace, Allah isn't going to provide it, nor is any other god of choice going to provide true peace. Sure there are lots of copy-cat peace providers and people claiming they can give you peace but if it's not rooted in the only true peace that the Bible says is beyond understanding, it isn't peace. God calls it idolotry to worship or trust in any other God but Himself. If you're trusting in anyone or anything else for peace or whatever your little heart desires but haven't Jesus Christ, the Maker of the Universe you will not have nor cannot be at peace with God.

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